Ethiopia Boginda


Wat hebben we te vertellen over deze boon?

name: Boginda Coffee Plantation

region: Keffa, Southwestern part of Ethiopia

altitude: 1550-1600ha

total land size: 436ha out of which 300ha suitable for coffee

Wat betreft de processing, veel :

In this process the whole fruit is layed out to dry on raised beds after it is harvested, without peeling off the skin and fermenting off the fruity mucilage layer, as is done in wet processing. The coffee is fully dried and the green bean hulled out in one step. The flavor profile is dramatically different than washed coffees, and when done well a dry process coffee like this has enhanced body, fruited sweetness, and a clean flavor profile with slight rustic flavors. This coffee had extra sorting performed on the raised beds to remove unripes, and we bought based on sample selection before export. – dixit Sweet Maria’s.

Wat proeven we :

Iets beestiaals dus, en zweterig.

Veel body (voor n filterkoffie).

Vol, rond en fruitig (Braambessen in de afdronk).

Een heel funky en opmerkelijke koffie!


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