Guatemala El Patanillo Egipto

Guatemala Finca El Platanillo Egipto : Roast June 10, 2013.

Very fresh roast from a very fresh crop today. This is going to be explosive!

The Finca El Platanillo is known around the world because it has become the worlds’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified farm to become verified for its compliance with the Climate Module of the Sustainable Agriculture Network, the international coalition of conservation organizations that manages RFA certification.

Most probably this was most complicated sentence we had in this years membership. šŸ™‚

The platation is located in the South West of Guatemala, in the province of San Marcos where these berries grown on not so high altitude, around 1200 masl and is owned by Stuardo Coto.

Coffee’s from this farm has been brought to Belgium and The Netherlands before, but never this Egipto.

We think it’s going to help support our Little Green Bag Blend, but meanwhile I’m definitely enjoying it as my mornings cup.

Guatemala mostly got big body and a gloopy (yes) mouthfeel. El Platanillo confirms! Plus, it has low acidity and big nuttiness (arachide oil-peanut) with caramel – yes, we’re talking liquid snickers here!