Costa Rica Lomas Al Rio Honey Processed

Costa Rica Lomas Al Rio Honey Processed

Second coffee from the same farm.

After the ‘normal’ washed Lomas coffee, we now present to you the Honey Processed one.

They begin by selecting only the ripest cherries from the prestigious West Valley region. Second the cherries are de-pulped with rubber, not metal machinery, so the mucilage is left intact. The ‘Honey Coffee’ with sugary membrane still on the bean is than dried under the careful eye of Erick Rojas in order to ensure that the right amount of sugars enter the coffee.

Lomas al Rio has received plenty international awards in the past decade, and owes much of this success to the path it has chosen : They aim not only to produce excellent coffee, but they want to achieve their goals in accordance with ecological preservation, a high business standard and a fair compensation for the coffee farmers.

The Lomas al Rio was named ‘the first organic processing coffee produced of Costa Rica’ by the Ministery of Agriculture, paving the way for it’s Honey Processed coffee.

This is a very sweet coffee with notes of bread crump, blue plums and a long lasting and clean after taste.