Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca Isnul

Guatemala Finca Isnul(Roast July 17 – 2013)
• Sweet Balanced Cup• Medium Mouthfeel

• Peas

• Honey

Before hitting you guys with our most spectacular coffees of the year from Costa Rica, Kenya and Ethiopia, we have this in between one.This sweet and easy going cup comes from the most beautiful sounding coffee region in the world; Huehuetenango.

Finca Isnul, is located in the Northwest side of Guatemala, in La Democracia, Huehuetenango. It’s a high altitude farm and the annual precipitation ranges are 1500 mm.

The Anzueto family, current owners of the farm, bought Isnul 40 years ago.

The coffee plantation is about 157.5 has in extension, 70% catuai, 20% caturra and 10% pacamara. The farm produced an average of 2,927 – 69 kgs bags.

The coffee is processed in the wet mill at the farm; then, beans are sun dried during one day in the patios and after, one or two days in the drier machines at 55º C.

At the farm these farmers are really concerned about environment, for than reason we have 10 has. of natural forest, and they processed the water used in the mill.

The Finca is situated around 1900 MASL, has loamy-clay soil and Inga trees for shadow.