Kenya Guama AA Top

• Hints of Blue Berry• Bisquit

• Tomato puree sours

• Very mild mouthfeel and medium body

This filter is from our favourite ‘Filter Country’ Kenya and has all the elements to become a classic.For the second year in a row we present you the Guama AA.

Guama is named after the location where the Guama Village is located, in the Western side of Kirinyaga, 3 km from Kianyaga Town, in the district in the Southern part of famous Mount Kenya at an altitude of 1750 masl.

The factory is part of the Baragwi Co-operative Society and has 3500 persons working the 300000 coffee trees.

The fermentation process was done with fresh river water only for Kaboyo river.

The soil is rich volcanic sandy.

The variety is a mix of SL 34 and SL 28.

Yes classic on all elements.

To get the subtle tastes out of this bean and to enhance the soft mouthfeel we gave this coffee a very light roast.

Under dosed this gives a bit of a bready flavor, so maybe you have to use a little more grammages on this one.