Costa Rica El Beneficio

Costa Rica Tarrazu El Beneficio (Aguila Brothers).
• Very pleasent mouthfeel

• Super Clean

• Milk Chocolate & Vegetable Stock

This coffee is picked and processed by the Aguilera Brothers.

The Aguilera’s are a total of 12 brothers and sisters all of which are involved in coffee from the time of their parents. The brothers work the mill and farms themselves with basically no hired labor other than pickers during the harvest. With the help of the third-generation, they work the mill, work the drying patios, prune the coffee fields, fertilize, etc year-round. The Aguilera Bros understand quality at the farm level and mill level and this is why we are excited about working with them.

Also the incredible Natural Processed coffee from Finca De Licho is from the same hands.

We adore Costa Rican beans. Where we see a lot of irregularities in the Central American area, Costa Rica is producing stellar coffees year after year. We even found great Espresso potential in some of them, although this El Beneficio is more of a Filter Killer. The bright flavours and very present acidity works perfect for home brewing.

Talking Home Brewing; You ever tested the Clever Brewer?

This combines inversion with drip technique, is very stable and easy to use. Come visit our shop one day for a demonstration.