Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Licho Natural Processed

Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Licho Natural Processed 

• Big Ripe fruity flavours

• Passion Fruit

• Lemon

• Silky Mouthfeel

Are you ready for one of the most spectacular coffees of the year?

This coffee (also) comes from the Aguilera Brothers and is because of its natural sun dried process the sweetest and most fruity cup ever.

Lots of Natural sun dried coffees have this fermented barn yard flavour that’s a bit annoying at times, but this one is way cleaner and brings the fruity elements up front.

The coffee comes from the Los Robles de Naranjo region,West Valley Costa Rica.

The variety is Villa Sarchi. A weird name for a coffee bean isn’t it?

Most of coffee in this area of Costa Rica is of the Villa Sarchi variety and excellent in the cup.

Villa Sarchi is a Bourbon mutation (similar to Caturra and Pacas) found originally in the West Valley. It is a dwarf variety with short internodes and usually higher yielding production. The cup can be floral with great intense and elegant acidity, high fruit notes (like passion fruit) and pleasing sweetness. Like a wonder of nature. 🙂