Kenya Mihuti AA+

Kenya Mihuti AA+
• A touch of wood (when hot)• Sesame, rhubarb, laurel drop• Great Cooling Down!
Our 3rd Kenya of the season.

After a mild Zahabu and well balanced Guama, we now present the Mihuti AA Plus, which has comparable flavors, but more complexity and acidity.

Mihuti is situated in Nyeri district in the southern part of the famous Mount Kenya. It is 2 Km from Nyeri town and 13 Km from Nyeri’s second largest town Karatina.

Co-operative society: Rugí Farmers’ Co-operative Society
Population: Situated in Kikuyu land with a population of about 700 persons per square kilometer
Altitude: 1700 meters
Soil: Rich Volcanic Soil
Coffee Variety: SL 34 and SL 28
Flowering season: Between March and April
Harvesting Time: Between November and December
Fermentation Process: With Fresh River Water only
Drying method: Sun Dried
Organisation: Small-scale farmers are organised in well-managed central pulperies called coffee factories.
Growing area: Central highlands mainly at high altitude

Mihuti is a Kikuyu name meaning “the tree that makes red flowers during the dry season making the place look beautiful”. The backs of the trees were used to make traditional medicine for both natives and livestock. Mihuti usually grows in fertile soil and therefore makes the area fertile for cultivation.