Panama Bouquete Lerida Estate Lot 5

Panama Bouquete Lerida Estate Lot 5

• Flemish Cough Drops (borstbollen)

• Vegetable butter taste and mouthfeel

• Winey and floral

Finally we have some Panama coffee on the table again.

And of course, it’s one from Bouquete, Panamas prime region where also the world famous La Esmeralda estate is situated.

The Lérida Estate was founded in 1922 by a retired Norvegian, Toleff Boche Mönniche. Not only did he establish one of the finest coffee farms in Panama, he also had a great interest in the preservation of nature. Therefore, he made sure that 60% of the Finca Lérida is an ecological reserve.

Finca Lérida is subdivided in ten lots, so that distinct flavour profiles could be traced back to a specific lot of coffee. Just like the other Lérida lots, this coffee from lot 5 has great fruity aspects, with a kiwi richness and an avocado-like vegetable buttery mouthfeel that stays present in the aftertaste.

Situated in the Highlands of Boquete, Panama, at an altitude of 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level, on the foothills of the Baru Volcano, the quality of this special coffee takes advantage of the deep volcanic soil, the micro-climate (abundant rain and sunny, dry and windy during harvesting season) and its varieties (Caturra and Catuai). The Caturra variety is a mutation of Bourbon coffee discovered in Brazil while the latter is a semi-dwarf Arabica whose cherries hold solidly to the tree.