Mexico Veracruz Kassandra Pacamara

Mexico Veracruz Kassandra Pacamara

• Super Bright!

• Complex

• Mirabelle, white grape, tomato

• Purple Basil

Are you ready for the brightest coffee of the year?

This Mexican coffee is something special and from a region we never had any coffee from; Veracruz near Totutla and Huatusco, 200 kilometer East of Mexico city.

The total farm size of Finca Kassandra is 600 hectares. 320 of those hectares are used for coffee production, and only about 8% is currently dedicated to Pacamara. This is an incredible Pacamara. In fact, it is without a doubt one the best single variety Pacamaras we have seen in years. The processing was done to perfection, and the distinct flavors of this cup left us anxious for next year’s crop!

This farm was established by the Rivas family in 1996. They are well known for their Macadamian nuts as well as their award winning coffee.