El Salvador Santa Ana El Majahual Kenya Processed

El Salvador Santa Ana El Majahual Kenya Processed

• Rich

• Juicy

• Nice lemon acidity

• Touch of cacao

Finally El Salvador! It seems to be ages ago. This is the first out of a series of 3 coffees from Aida Batlle’s Selection.

Aida Batlle is a famous coffee farmer from El Salvador. She won first place during the first Cup of Excellence held in that country with her Organic farm Kilimanjaro in 2003. Her farm’s coffee is in high demand thus her ABS venture where she sources, process, and commercializes coffees in the same area her farm is located in Santa Ana, El Salvador’s biggest and traditional coffee growing area.

The coffee of El Salvador is known for its old-growth heirloom Bourbon variety, and was first cultivated in the early 1800’s. El Salvador, compared to its counterparts in the region, has preserved a substantial amount of Bourbon varieties due to its Civil War in the 80’s. During the years El Salvador had this War, other countries were introducing Catimors and Catimor hybrids which have high yields, are more resistant to diseases, but are sub-par in terms of cup quality. Farms now have old-stock Bourbon trees (as old as 80 years old in extreme cases) which are susceptible to rust and could be problematic in terms of cup quality due to its deficient nutrition if not managed intensively.

This bean, which is Kenya Processed comes from the El Majahual farm, known for its Speciality Coffees, with fields at 1400-1500 masl.