Kenya Aberderes Mountains Kagumoini AB

Kenya Aberderes Mountains Kagumoini AB

• Sweet Cup

• Medium Body

• Nectarine

• Apricot

Kagumoini is a factory / secondary cooperative of the Mugaga Society and is situated on the slopes of the Mount Kenya and Aberdares mountains in the Central Province. It is comprised of around 1000 members. The region has red volcanic loam soils and good rainfall. SL28 and 34 are grown under shade. Smallholders also grow tea, maize, beans, bananas and vegetables. Kagumoini Factory has several initiatives aimed at uplifting the living standards of its members and employees. These include: Credit facilities for school fees and medical emergencies, provision of farm inputs on credit and field days to train farmers on better farming methods.

The country’s best coffees are grown in the Central Highlands on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya to the north and in the foothills of the Aberdare Mountains to the west. Here the coffee is grown on farms with altitudes of up to 1,800 metres above sea level -and this, along with the fertile volcanic soils of the region, is the key to the almost unbelievable flavours that can be found within the cup.

After 3 Kenya AA coffees this year, we now have a AB selected screen.

The grades of Kenyan coffee are referencing the size of the bean according to screen size and don’t necessarily always correlate with the profile of the cup. It is perfectly normal to cup an AB that is streets ahead of an AA since that example may have come from a better farm.