El Salvador Cup Of Excellence lot 25, Bello Horizonte

El Salvador Cup Of Excellence lot 25, Bello Horizonte

• Super Clean cup

• Marsipan/Almond

• Mirabelles

• Darjeeling tea

Our best cup of coffee in 2011 was a Cup of Excellence coffee from El Salvador from the finca of Miravalle.

El Salvador has a long tradition and their Cup Of Excellence auction is every a highlight for this organisation that is searching and promoting worlds best coffee.

 Last year we were not able to get our hands on a El Salvador COE coffee, but now we’re back, thanks to our good friends of Falcon UK.

The coffee comes from the Bello Horizonte farm and owner Jose Thomas Calderon Sol.

When the Calderon Sol bought this farm in Canton Alvarez, El Salvador, at the volcano around the beautiful hills of Santa Tecla.

The pinnacle of the land inspired them to name the farm Bello Horizonte or Beautiful Horizon. They can even see up to the El Chingo Vulcano in Guatemala.

 Nearly 10% of the farm is maintained as a forest reserve reserve with need a good 4WD to get around the field on this rugged terrain with steep hills at this high elevation.