Kenya Nyeri Gakuyuini PB

Kenya Nyeri Gakuyuini PB SL28

• Maple Syrup pancakes baked in a lot of butter

• Rosebud

• Buttery mouthfeel

• So Floral it almost tastes like perfume

Again a Kenyan coffee. Why not?

This Gakuyuini is my favorite bean variety -SL 28, region -Nyeri and bean type – the peaberry!

Gakuy-ini is a coffee mill from the Kirinyaga growing district that is to the west of Nyeri.

It lies at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level on the slopes of mount Kenya. The soils are deep, rich, red volcanic and ideal for coffee production. The temperatures range from 12-25 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall in this area is 1600 mm per year. The main harvest is from October to December.

While we like estate coffees, more often than not, the cup quality from cooperatives is superior. In a co-op, each member is tending to only 200-500 trees on less than an hectare, as opposed to a huge estate that uses agribusiness growing methods. It surely shows in the cup.

The coffee is vac packed in Nairobi and the screening is of an excellent high level!

The cup show exceptionally sweet elements of ripe fruits a very intense floral aspect, certainly in the lighter roasts.