Burundi Kigobe Lot 2318

• Semi strong and sweet

• Garden spices

• Pistache nuts

• Reine Claude Plums

It’s Burundi time again!

Not so many new quality filter coffee beans at the end of the year.

Still Ethiopia and Kenya are rocking the boat really hard, but happy the new crop Burundi has hit the harbor of Antwerp as well.

This bean is traded by our friends of 32 cup. Aurelie is a secretary working at the 32 cup office and this coffee comes from the farm of her mother in Burundi.Kigobe is one the the seven washing stations that were recently bought by Mrs Angele Ciza. She employs about 100 women at this washing station, located in the province of Kirundo, in north eastern Burundi.

The 10-hectare coffee plantation in the northern has some 26000 trees production fine Arabica coffee.Burundi climate has distinct wet and dry seasons. The dry season runs from June to August and from Dec to Jan. The wet season start in Feb and ends in May, the other runs form Sep to Nov. All these factors contribute to the perfect environment for growing great coffees. Cherries can develop properly because of the stable and relatively low temperatures. And the distinct seasons allow for a proper blossoming of the plants and a good drying of the beans.