Colombia Antioquia Finca Las Mercedes Lote La Gallineta

Colombia Antioquia Finca Las Mercedes Lote La Gallineta

° Chocolate

• Nuts

• Caramel

• Sugar Cane

This Colombian coffee is the first of the 2013/14 crop. Normally we see new Colombian coffees only hit the ware houses by Feb but 32 cup was capable of getting the good stuff in very early and that’s the best news. We had a lot of fading flavors the past years. It’s really a matter of buying less, but fresh and hoping on the same quality picking at origin for repeating the same routine all over again.

From this Finca we bought more lots. The Gallineta lot is, due to its low acidity and great mouthfeel, the best suited for espresso and since the new LGB needed another component we started with this bean.
Finca Las Mercedes is a great example of Colombian producers that are reshaping their coffee production. The lots where the coffee is grown are now subdivided into separate lots. This particular coffee was grown on the plateau of lot 10, called La Gallineta. The estate works together with a smaller cooperative, Cooperativa Caficultores de Andes, to export their coffee. This makes it easier to keep different lots separated and to trace the coffee back to where it was grown.