Kenya Nyeri Karatina Kieni AB

Kenya Nyeri Karatina Kieni AB

• Silky mouthfeel

• Cane Sugar and Walnut

• Greenish undertone

• Lemon Peel

Kieni is part of the Mugaga Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd. Kieni currently have around 900 active members, who elects the board and chairman. Total production this year (2011/2012) up to the week we visited was 561.740 kg cherry plus another 15.000 on the way from the very last picking, where the trees are cleaned. That will amount to around 1.500 bags green coffee for export total of all sizes and grades.

Our pick was an AB grade. Usually we prefer AA, but only the AB was left.

No panic though, cause the bean cupped fantastic. This is our 7th kenyan coffee of the year and surely one of the best.

The Kieni Factory Chairman is Charles Musai Ithatu and this man is incredibly precise at his job.

The whole process from depulping up to the drying tables takes almost 72 hours, or 3 days!!

We can see why a high quality roaster as Coffee Collective in Kopenhagen is buying Kieni every year, over and over again.

The variety’s used at Kieni are the SL28, SL34 and a bit of Riuri 11