Burundi Kirimiro Blend

Burundi Kirimiro Blend

• Notes of Elderflower

• Tangerine

• Spruce Buds (Sparren knoppen, zoals in Filliers Gin)

• (Positive) Vegetable Oily undertone

Our Second and probably last coffee from Burundi this season.

We love the country, its coffees and its people. But there’s an ungoing risk for ‘potato disease’ defects on their coffees. This is an illness probable delivered by the Antestia bug. Whether it’s from the bugs or not, the defect can’t be detected often until the coffee is ground.

A lot of time and research is currently being spent to determine the exact cause for this defect and how it can be prevented in the future. But for now, when you grind a Rwanda or Burundi coffee, pay attention to the dry aromas before you serve it. If you smell some potato, just dump the grounds, purge your grinder and rebrew. It’s an unfortunate defect but it’s an interesting reminder that we serve an ever changing, highly intricate, agricultural product.

This Kirimiro blend didn’t give us any ‘Potato’ so far, but every bag is different and even the most expensive one can have a touch of ‘Potato’. Keep your fingers crossed. The coffee is worth it.

This coffee is the blend of twelve Kirimiro affiliated washing stations. With this fair partnership our Specialty Trader 32 cup, is actively supporting the local coffee industry in Burundi.