Colombia Antioquia Finca Las Mercedes Lote La Isla

Colombia Antioquia Finca Las Mercedes Lote La Isla

• Medium Body and Acidity

• Fruit Liquour

• Almond

Three lots this year from the incredible Las Mercedes Estate in Colombia Antioquia, Cundinamarca.

This lot is number 2, named La Isla.

Thanks to the division of the finca’s production into separate lots, we can appreciate the different identities of each coffee, obtained by experimenting with varieties, fermentation time and drying techniques, to name a few. La Isla has a more subtle manifestation of its characteristics, with a medium body and acidity and a banana sweetness developing towards the end, adding some weight to the clarity of the cup.

The Guerra family’s Finca Las Mercedes is located near the southern border of the Antioquia Department in Colombia’s central region. Their coffee plantations occupy only part of their land in the Farallones del Citará mountains in Colombia’s western mountain range. 150 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of coffee, while about 220 hectares are made up of native forest, preserving the region’s precious ecosystem.