Ethiopia Limu Grade 2 Doyo Coop

Ethiopia Limu Grade 2 Doyo Coop

• Hints of Blue Berry and Apricot

• Creamy Mouthfeel

• Marzipan

“Doyo! Yet another incredible offering from the home of coffee, though this hails from a region that was once associated with naturally processed and occasionally unclean coffee. We are delighted to have been given a chance to showcase what Doyo has to offer – this cooperative feels a bit like a ruby in the dust and it is so exciting to think of the potential it has as farmers grow more familiar with the processing methods that have been put in place. There is just so much going on in the cup– delicious sweet apricot with fresh marzipan and sweet almond notes. Then there is the bright twist of lime which proves to be so refreshing – it is astoundingly complex and has fantastic clarity. This is a truly delicious coffee.

The Doyo Cooperative and washing station can be found near the city of Jimma and has nearly 430 active members and over a thousand semi-regular participants. Coffee is farmed here on areas that are usually smaller than half a hectare alongside other crops such as maize, teff and bananas. The abundance of heirloom varietals and altitudes over 2000 metres above sea level combine to develop deeply complex flavours in the cup

The washing station installed at the cooperative was a pioneering station in the area and allows the carefully handpicked coffee to be wet milled on site. Once the cherries have been delivered to the wet mill, they are pulped within 4-8 hours to remove the fruit and 80-90% of the sticky mucilage from the bean. The beans are then left to soak in water overnight before being washed again and spread onto shade covered drying tables.