Panama Bouquete Geisha

Panama Bouquete Geisha

• Full flavored and balanced

• Floral and Sweet. Stone fruit.

• Best when cooled down.

When you read the words ‘Bouquete’ and ‘Geisha’ in 1 sentence, you mostly starts drooling straight away.

When you want to buy this and see the price, you stop drooling.

The average Bouquete Geisha prices are somewhere between 30 and 40 euro’s a kilo. So when we receive a sample of this (affordable) Geisha a while ago we expected something to be wrong with the bean.

We mostly cup all our coffees blind. The day we cupped this Geisha, it was really jumping out. Since that day we believe in miracles again.

The Geisha is a controversial varietal when found in central america, that is for sure. And extremely rare at the moment although expect to see lots in the coming years. Made famous around 2005 at Hacienda La Esmeralda.

It was known as a very resistant varietal, but not convincing at the cupping table.

When the Petterson Family at Hacienda La Esmeralda began to experiment at higher altitudes it showed great potential though.

These days it’s known as the most expensive and impressive coffee in the world.

Altough this Geisha is not traceable up to the farm, Caffenation is glad to be able to mix it in the new LGB espresso blend and offer it as espresso or filter of the week now and then.