Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 2 – crop 2013/14

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 2 – fresh crop 2103/14

• Floral : Lavendel, Rosebud

• Spices : Turmerec (Kurkuma), Nutmeg

• Well balanced; sweet/spicy/acidic

My first Trip To Origin ever was to the holy country of Ethiopia, the bird cage of coffee.

It’s during this trip I met Abdullah Bagersh. Those days he was the most famous Ethiopian Specialty Coffee exporter.

The last couple of years it became increasingly difficult for Abdullah to group the coffees and traceability is still an almost impossible task, but we feel there’s improvement in the air.

First containers of the fresh crop are more conventional though. But where conventional for other country’s means a score of 78 to 82, a ‘conventional’ Yirgacheffe, Sidamo or Limu is very often more tasty than a 86+ Central American coffee. And so is this first Yirgacheffe shipment from Bagersh. The screening is remarkable this year and even without the necessary rest – it mostly improves in balance and clarity one month after arrival at the port – we already have a stunning cup!

The upland Yirgacheffe is my favourite coffee area in the world and about 20% of our total coffee volume comes from this area in the Central Southern part of the country. The Gedeo region extends along an eastern escapment of the highlands of Ethiopia on a narrow piece of land which also extends into the Oromia region. The Northern boundary of Gedeo is bordered by Sidamo.