Colombia Huila Los Cauchos Finca Los Idolos

Colombia Huila Los Cauchos Finca Los Idolos

• Blackberry Jam

• Juniper Berry & Papaya

• Very well balanced

It’s a while ago, but we are back on the Direct Trade track again. And with 3 coffees at once. Two from Colombia – what a nice crop this year – and a superb Natural Brazil later on.

The first one in line comes from Huila Colombia.

Los Idolos is exactly what it sounds like – it is coffee from the ‘idols’ of producers of the Los Cauchos producer group, and our upcoming offering of decaf, La Serrania is also produced by them.

About 40 producers are members of this group, most of them owning around 2-3 hectares of coffee producing land. Because each farm is most often very small it makes sense to create a group that will look into the various commercial options for the coffee they produce. They also work towards certifications – the Los Cauchos group is Rainforest Alliance (“Follow The Frog”) and Fairtrade certified. And most important to us – the groups keep records of the size of each farm to guarantee traceability.

The coffee fields are all situated between 1600 and 1900 meters above sea level and the majority of the beans are Caturra, as previously written about – a dwarf mutation from Bourbon. If not it’s Typica.

So expect a sweet cup. 🙂