Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2, Fresh Crop

Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2, Fresh crop

• Full Body

• Green Tea Bitters

• Almond & Honey

Coffee drinking at Caffenation is a tough life for people not so crazy about Ethiopian coffees. But this of course sounds very contradictory; Ethiopia and coffee are indeed two words often used in one sentence.

It’s in Ethiopia where it all started and with thousands of different variety’s it’s no wonder we pick one from time to time.

Taste wise, Sidamo is, in revanche to Yirgacheffe, a region where green tea flavors often pop up. It has mostly a tad more body and less acidity.

While last year it wasn’t so very well seperated, it looks we have a more classic profile in the 2013/2014 crop.

This Grade 2 Sidamo is a shipment for our favourite Ethiopian coffee exporter Abdullah Bagersh and makes us happy every sip we take.

The classification system of Ethiopian coffee recognizes 5 grades. Washed coffees fall within grades 1 and 2, unwashed coffees (naturals) within grades 3-5. The difference between grade 1 and 2 is determined by the number of visible defects.

Generally speaking, the quality of washed coffee is more consistent than that of unwashed coffees (naturals), but it is the naturals’ funky, sweet and sweaty flavour that may take you by surprise.