Brazil (Direct Trade) Carmo de Minas, Fazenda JR, Natural Processed

Brazil (Direct Trade) Carmo de Minas, Fazenda JR, Natural Processed

Finally we have a fresh Brazilian coffee in the house.

You don’t believe us if i tell you we cupped over 40 coffees of the current Brazilian crop without buying a single one. All too woody, baggy, earthy or defected.

Time to call in Wellington Pereira of Cocariva. I met this Specialty Coffee exported on my trip to Sul De Minas Brazil. Their co-op company, located in the most golden coffee village of Brazil, Carmo de Minas, is very reputated and has sold endless Cup Of Excellence winners. In the past we were too far down the ‘dollar ladder’ to get their best samples in, but thanks to Jean from 32cup we were able to fill up a container for the Belgian market and get our fav coffee in it.

We call this a Direct Trade coffee, in which the grower gets paid for the quality. And since this is a ‘rocket coffee’ he surely earned a price high above Fairtrade level!

JR stands for Junqueira Reis (a combination of the co-owners of the farm) that won 4th place in COE competition in 2011. The farm is located at an elevation of 1250 meters in Carmo de Minas and the variety of the bean is a rare Yellow Catuai. The processing is Natural (unwashed), which gives it this extra touch of the soil it is grown on.