El Salvador Finca Las Nubes Organico RFA

El Salvador Finca Las Nubes Organico RFA

• Nougat

• Hazelnut

• Grapes

Las Nubes means ‘Clouds.

The name of this organic coffee from West El Salvador may seem a little over the top but it’s fitting as the farm sits on the slopes of the massive San Salvador volcano, Quetzaltepec, a peak that dominates the Western side of San Salvador and reaches up to 1960 mtr above sea level! Right in the middle of this peak, around 1200-1500 mtr, is where Guillermo Castillo’s farm is.

Once part of a larger Altamira plantation, Finca Las Nubes still works with their neighboring farms. Blessed with mature shade trees, volcanic soil rich in phosphorous and potassium, refreshing winds, abundant rainfall, and ample sunshine, their old-style shade-grown Bourbon varietal is truly the quintessential Central American coffee.

This is an interesting organic coffee with great flavor, body and aroma but a lower acidity that gives it a quieter personality.

This coffee has a Rain Forest Alliance certification, which is rare at Caffenation.

Why? : This is going to sound a bit crazy to some people, but most of our coffees are too tasty to end up with a RFA label. When a farmer has a real ‘cracking’ coffee, he or she can earn way more selling it to a specialized Co Op or directly to a foreigner coffee trader/roaster.