Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Grade 1

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Grade 1

• Silky Mouthfeel

• Mars (Caramel & Chocolate)

• Prunes

Ready for a new, extra clean Grade 1 Ethiopian?


Antwerp Harbour is worlds largest coffee port in the world, with aprroximately 40% of all Ethiopian coffees passing by. But I never saw a Grade 1 on sale from one of the traders here, till this year. That’s a Yirgacheffe Kochere, coming in next week, but we start with a coffee we imported via the harbour of Hamburg.


Very often a Grade 1 tastes like they washed away the flavors, but this Guji is still standing and packed with sweetness and chocolate notes. We expect this coffee to be high in the yearly ‘best-bean-rankings’.


The Guji come from a group of small holders farms in the sub region of Guji, which seems the last couple of years to be our fav region within Sidamo and located at the southern part of Oromia that borders on the Sidama and Gedeo zone.

The coffee is fully washed, dried on raised bed on high altitude, peaking up to 2000 meters above sea level and from mixed heirloom varieties.