Costa Rica Tarrazu Monte Canet Estate

Costa Rica Tarrazu Monte Canet Estate

• Brown sugar & Cookies

• Marsepan

• Full flavored

• Nice Body

This coffee is a yearly classic.

And we’re so fond of it that we bought the full European lot this year.

The coffee comes out of Costa Ricas’ most famous region Tarrazu, more precisely San Marcos. The man running the farm is called Mario Solis.


This bean grows at an 1650 meter altitude and the variety is a mix of Caturra, Catuai and Geisha(!).

This coffee is a real espresso championship coffee; very well balanced, powerful, nice body and super clean.

But also on filter is does its job, scoring a 2nd place in our 2012 top 5 of the year..


You can ennjoy this filter coffee on all kind of filter equipment at home.

Talking Home Brewing; You ever tested the Clever Brewer?

This combines inversion with drip technique and is very stable and easy to use.

Come visit in August our new website on which we’ll sell this Clever Brewer and all other kind of equipment and coffees.