Panama Boquete Finca La Florentina

Hints of Cocoa
Sweet cup
Medium body
Well balanced

Year after year we see brilliant coffees from the Boquete region.
For the new Panama crop, that’s just on the market, we picked one from the Paso Ancho Volcan Area. It’s a Caturra, Catuai, Typica mixture, fully washed and sun dried.

Finca La Florentina is a third-generation family coffee farm that over the years of its
existence has contributed much to the surrounding community – socially as well as
economically and ecologically. The senior Louis Martinz emigrated from Austria to
Panama three generations ago. He developed several animal and crop farms in the Volcán
region, including a coffee farm, La Florentina. The coffee from La Florentina was exported
to North America and around the world. The town started to grow around the farms and
Martinz contributed to its development by offering job opportunities and promoting local
production. He passed away in 1968, and while his meat and dairy operations ceased
production, the coffee operation remained active. Louis’ grandson now operates the farm.