Nicaragua Finca La Divina Providencia Red Caturra FW

– Flavors in between perfume and gin : Musk Cologne, floral, spruce buds.

The most special about this bean is its flavor of course, although there’s something special about the variety as well; Red Caturra.
It is a derivative of the C. Arabica found in Brzail in 1950 and sent to country’s like Hawaï, El Salvador and Nicaragua and similar to the Red Catuai and Pink Bourbon.
The processing of this bean is Fully Washed.

The farmer’s name is Misael Sauceda; As the history of many farms goes, Misael Sauceda Olivera and his brothers each inherited a part of the land of their father, Porfirio Sauceda. Misael, however, was lucky enough to be the only brother with a passion for coffee, so he was able to buy the lands from his brothers and gradually expand his own land. In the twelve years that the Cup of Excellence program has been running in Nicaragua, Misael’s La Divina Providencia made it to the international selection five times, ranking second in 2012. With the money he received from these successes, he has been able to greatly improve his farm and
buy a new farm, Santa Maria de Guadalupe.

It’s been a while since we tasted such a clean and subtle coffee from Nicaragua. While lots of Central country’s struggle with this years crop; Nicaragua, and more in particular Misael Sauceda seemed to have found a way around it.