Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca La Violeta Golden Honey Yellow Catuai

– Sweet cup with hints of apricot
– Tomato concentrate
– Herbs de la Provence

After the very succesful Monte Canet, we have another Tarrazu coffee. This one comes from the La Violeta farm, canton de Desamparados.

Golden Honey processing is a real exclusivity from the Agrivid Association in Desamparados.
First they centrifuge it with a Penagos; this is a cherry peeler, which runs vertically instead of horizontally, to remove the skin and the mucilage. That characteristic, and the fact that there is a centrifuge that washes the bean makes this machine very effective and eco friendly.
After this they get the beans on drying tables – style Ethiopia! – and cover them with some extra juice that was centrifuged by the Penagos!! This makes them it all look more golden than yellow or redish.

Yellow Catuai : This is a dwarf hybrid of Mundo Novo and Caturra, crosbred by Instituto Agronomico de Campinas in Brazil in 1949.
Catuais in general are very refines and have clean acidity. The trees are widely grown around Latin America, especially in areas with strong winds or high annual rainfal since its very tolerant to these natural elements.

So, all together a truly unique bean and a lot exclusivily bought for Europe by Caffenation Specialty Coffee Roasters.