El Salvador Finca La Alpina Pacamara

– Well balanced cup, chocolate, lightly smoked

Even though cultivating coffee on the slopes of a volcano might be interesting for the fertile soils you find there, it’s definitely not opting for the easiest life, especially when the volcano is still active.
Roberto Eugenio is probably always sleeping with one eye open, his Finca La Alpina being located on the slopes of the Chaparrastique volcano. Being dormant since 1976, it awoke violently on December 30th of last year with a loud explosion, spewing out huge quantities of volcanic ash. This took place right in the harvest period of the farms surrounding the volcano, among which Finca La Alpina. Luckily, the situation didn’t worsen, and as of today the volcano still hasn’t erupted, even though the region remains in a state of warning. What’s most worrying the people living near the volcano today are the heavy rains, which may cause a landslide of the thick layer of ash that had landed in December.
In these conditions, Roberto Eugenio has managed to produce an interesting fully washed Pacamara lot. The taste profile of a Pacamara always takes some getting used to, with its typical dark chocolate bittersweetness, especially if you compare it to the sweet and juicy taste profile of its compatriots.
The Pacamara is, together with the Maragogype, the largest bean variety among the Arabica. It’s not only looking very funky, it also tastes alike.