El Salvador Finca Santa Ana Natural/Washed mix

– Sweet cups with hints of brown sugar, Fruity Tones of grapes, splendid in the cooling down.

3 coffees from El Salvador ended up in our ware house this week.
All coffees falling just short of being Cup Of Excellence Winners, but still clean cups that work well on both filter or espresso & way less expensive as those labeled with COE.

Santa Ana is part of Gilberto Baraona’s famous Los Pirineos farm in the Usulatán department, eastern
El Salvador. It benefits from the ideal growing conditions on the Tecapa volcano at an altitude around 1450m, average annual temperatures between 16 and 18°C and an average annual rainfall of 2200mm. All coffee is shade grown on volcanic and sandy loam soils. These provide a desirable combination of nutrients, have good drainage and infiltration of water and air, which means the soil has the ability to retain nutrients fairly easily. Coffee plants really thrive in this region because their roots are properly drained thanks to the ample rainfall and soil structure and because they find all the nutrients they need in the soil. Add a progressive coffee producer with a lot of knowhow to these natural conditions and you can’t but end up with magnificent
The Fully Washed/Natural mixture results in juicy, complex cups, without that overpowering thick fruit sweetness and possible barn yard flavors that’s often characteristic of natural coffees. It’s got all the positive attributes of a natural combined with the subtlety of a fully washed lot.
The variety is Red Bourbon.