Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko OCR

– Lots of chocolate and toffee flavors, full body and stone fruit and bergamot.

Here we are we a new Ethiopian knock out bean!

Reko is the name of the washing station where this coffee is produced. The coffee is brought there by various small hold farmers from around the local area.
Reko started the production in 2001 and has about 850 local farmers who bring their coffee to the washing station to be processed during the main harvest season which occurs between October to mid January. The coffee is fully washed with water from a nearby river, after which they are pulped by an old Agard pulping machine. The mucilage is removed by traditional fermentation, which lasts 36-48 hours depending on the weather conditions, and dried in the sun on the washing station’s 120 raised african drying beds, located in the Kochere region at the very high altitude up to 2100 meters above sea level!
There are 2 versions of this Reko coffee. We decided to go for the most expensive one labeled OCR.
This stands for Operation Cherry Red. 5 years ago the Dutch coffee trading company Trabocca started this project which final goal was to have only the ripest berries in the basket. Ripe means sweeter and fruitier and that’s what you get.