El Salvador Ilamatepec Finca Fatima

Carmen Duch Martínez comes from a very traditional coffee growing background. She and her two brothers are deeply rooted in coffee; all of them learned from his father this dignifying profession, he himself learning it from his ancestor.

Fátima is located almost at the top of the Santa Ana Volcano, also known as Ilamatepec which in Nahuatl means “father hill”, as the native indigenous believed that this volcano watched over the crops growing amongst his hillsides. This belief has proved itself right, for this area has been widely recognized as one of the most important sources of extremely high quality coffees along the history of El Salvador. 

Located above 1,400 masl, Fatima has been awarded several times during El Salvador CoE history, appearing for the first time as a winner in 2004, ranking 6th, and then 16th on 2006 moving to the 3rd place this year with 89.86 points.

Like most of El Salvador’s coffee landscapes, this farm has a very diverse shade canopy which hosts many native and migratory birds, filling the environment with a pleasant exhibition of Mother Nature. The variety found on this farm is the traditional Bourbon with some Typica trees remaining.

Carmen works hand to hand with her brothers Rafael and Juan, who oversee the cultural practices developed at the family´s farms. They are very close and run their farms as a family tradition and business. They believe in high quality coffee versus high yielding production, so they avoid the use of chemicals and fertilizers letting the farm relax as it produces the bright red fruit. All the works are done by skillful hand labor, the pruning of the shade done by appreciation.