El Salvador Finca El Molino Natural

– Classic Jam, strawberry acidity, clean, creamy,
This natural processed coffee comes from the Apaneca region in El Salvador, growing at an altitude of 1350-1450m.

This is the first time we buy a not-washed coffee from El Salvador.
It’s trendy to launch Natural Processed coffees these days, but not all of them are worth mentioning. At El Molino however they know what they are doing.

Well-trained pickers are given good incentives to select ripe cherries only. The coffee is brought down to the patios at the El Molino mill for sundrying. The mill is only used for production of natural sundried coffees. The coffee is spread out in a medium layer at clay patios. They are moved and turned every hour the first days, then every second hour for a day and gradually with longer intervals as the coffee is getting more stable and the moisture goes down The process is monitored closely to avoid any unwanted over-fermentation.
Then it is sun dried on clay patio for 13 – 18 days.
The soil, weather conditions, varietals and altitude all contribute to the uniqueness of the product. The climate is dry and suitable for this type of production. The producer is known to be innovative in ways of processing and farming. He started years ago to experiment with producing naturals, and are still developing new and better ways to improve the cup.