Ethiopia Moplaca Yirgacheffe Microlot Natural RCS Gr1

– Honey and butter, Berries, espresso killer!

This coffee comes from the well known Ethiopian Moplaco Trading Company Ltd and picked at a level of 1700 up to 2000 meters above sea level.

Moplaco stands for MOcca PLAntation Coffee.

The company started when Yanni Georgalis formed it in 1972 in Dire Dawa, exporting predominately Harar coffee around the world.
He was to become the third generation coffee exporter in his family, printing bags and weighing them, from the age of 12.
Harar Coffee, is and will remain Moplaco’s Star Brand as we believe firmly that Harar Coffee is undisputably one of the best in the world, the Queen of Coffees!! Moplaco moved into Addis Abeba after 1989, giving the company the headstart in export business of all types of Ethiopian coffee. Since then it has grown to become one of the major exporting companies in the country.
Yanni Georgalis passed away in 2008, leaving the most important legacy behind: His love of coffee, His love for Ethiopia.