Kenya Nyeri Gikirima AB

Melon, Waffles, bright and sweet and low acidity (for a Kenyan coffee).

Just as late 2013 we bought 4 lots from Dormans, Kenya’s prime Specialty Coffee exporter. All the same variety; SL28&34 with a bit of Riuri 11. And fully washed.
The Gikirima factory is located in the Manyata division of the Embu district close to the town of Gicherori and 14km away from Embu town centre. It is affiliated to the Kibugu Farmers Co-op Society along with the Kathakwa, Ndunduri, Ngerwe and Gicherori factories. There are now 1050 active members of the Gikirima factory and members each have on average around 1 hectare of land for coffee growing alongside tea, macadamia, beans, banana and maize. The area has deep, well drained and fertile red volcanic soil at altitudes of 1800 metres above sea level with 1900mm of rainfall annually. Smallholder members of this factory have access to training and technical advice as well as advances for farm inputs and school fees.
The coffee is handpicked by the smallholder members and delivered to the Kamunyaka factory where it is pulped.
The Gikirima screening is AB.