Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Sedie Washed

– Floral! Superb mouthfeel and sweetness. Sugar Snaps. Violet.

Probably the last Yirg of the year, but not the least. Last year we also ended with a grade 1 Konga. This way the area will get reputated as being expert of the late harvest.
On itself not the stupidest thing to give the cherries some extra ripening on the trees; omni present is the beautiful mouthfeel and superb sweetness. Another wonder of nature from the cradle of coffee.
The small farmers that live in the Konga area bring their coffee to the Sedie station. On average, each farmer owns 2 hectares of land. Besides growing coffee, all of them have some additional subsistence crops. Some of them raise cattle as well. Acacia, Podocarpes and Cordial Africana trees are also grown on the land to provide shade for the coffee plants. All the picked cherries are processed at the Sedie station. Before pulping, there is a selection procedure to ensure that only ripened red cherries will be processed. The cherries are pulped in an Agared machine, which has no mucilage remover. So, after pulping the cherries, the beans have to be fermented for 36 to 48 hours. Then they are washed.
At Sedie they takes things very serious and when the coffee beans have reached a moisture percentage of 11.5-12%, they are stored in a local warehouse before they are transported to Addis Ababa.