Brazil Fazenda Rainha Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon

Long time ago we did a Brazil.
This one comes from the Fazenda Rainha (Queen Farm) in the well-known Alto Moggiana region of Sao Paulo state. They are a former #1 COE winner.
The bean is a classic Yellow Bourbon.
Here at Fazenda Rainha things are all very well organized.
All farm employees live on the farm, eliminating the need for temporary workers. They enjoy free health insurance and public education at the farm’s local school. Teacher salaries are covered by the State, the rest is covered by the farm. They even own a beautiful Oscar Niemeyer-designed chapel (large enough to be a church) which was built and is used by the employees. Sitting atop a ridge, the chapel is quite a sight.
A small word on Pulped Natural : During this process, the skin is removed from the coffee cherry, leaving the fruity mucilage intact during the drying process. The machinery used to eventually remove the mucilage is either pulped or taken off by forced demucilage equipment. Pulped natural coffee can have more body and lower acidity than the washed process, and a cleaner, more uniform cup than the natural process.