Ethiopia Sidamo Shilcho

• Mild & Sweet, Floral notes, Superb Mouthfeel, Well balanced

This Ethiopian is taste wise different then the other Sidamo’s. It’s less fruity, but with a great mouthfeel. The Variety is heirloom/Teferi Kela (regional hybrid).

The coffee comes from the region of Sidamo, located in the Dara Woreda District and comes in via the courtesy of the Shilcho Cooperative, which has 1166 members. The Shilcho Coop is a member of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. The premise of this organization is based on representing small scale farmers, such as the farmers that grow this special coffee.

The SCFCU has assisted coops (Shilcho included) with organic production practices, acquiring certifications such as Fair Trade, with an emphasis on social, environmental and educational programs. These programs are uniquely created in order to suit the needs of the individual coop communities. Funds for these programs are raised through premiums paid based on certifications the product has acquired. Positive affects the Shilcho community has seen due to premiums paid by coffee sales are as follows: electricity line installations, new collection and storage warehouse for coffee, new roads easing production and connecting communities and building educational schools.