Colombia Antioquia Finca Montenegro Semi Washed

-Nice body thanks to the pulped natural processing, velvet mouthfeel, brown sugar and chocolate, marshmellows and, yes, a touch of bacon.

Finca Montenegro is a medium big plantation, located on the flanks of the mountains deviding Ciudad Bolivar with Salgar.

It’s on this holy ground Sergio Tobon is working his ass off to provide you one of the sweetest and most chocolate like Colombian coffees you’ll ever taste.

The variety is a classic 100% Caturra that has been fermented for 1 day before going to the drying tables.

But the most special thing about this coffee is the Belgian importer.

Thomas Labath started his Barista career at Caffenation 4 years ago. He was with us for a couple of months to learn the skills and prepare his own bar, which he openened in June 2011.

Meanwhile he became one of the market leaders in the Specialty scene in Gent and also opened an outlet in ….. Medellin Colombia. From there on he is travelling this magnificent country in search for beautiful beans. 5 of them were bags and shipped and 1 of these is this weeks’ Specialty Coffee of the week.

Well done Thomas and looking forward to the future stuff coming from you guys!!