Costa Rica Western Valley Llano Bonito Honey

– Sweet cup, orange acidity and clean finish.

Llano Bonito is not a farm, but a collective of farmers growing Caturra, Villa Sarchi and Catuaí beans in the region with the same name.

They proces their coffee at the mill of Cafetalera Lomas al Río.

The lot we have is a honey processed lot. So, what’s a honey processed you ask?

In Honey processing they remove the skin and a part of the pulp, but keep the sticky, sugary ‘mucilage’ so it can dry on the bean. The name is derived from the honey-colored appearance of the beans after they have dried for a day or so. If performed carefully, with ripe cherry, this process can add perceptible sweetness and body to the final cup character of the coffee. Drying techniques are critical in the honey process, as mold and fungus defects can easily develop if the coffee is not properly and uniformly aerated.

The whole process takes a lot more time and space, and together with the extra drying on raised beds it becomes very expensive. We are very willing though to pay some extra bucks for such a sweet, clean and fruity coffee.