Kenya Nyeri Tambaya Peaberry

• Super Clean and bright cup

• Intens acidity/lemon flavors

• Raspberry

This is our 3rd Kenya already in the new 2015 season and a very special one.

Not only is this Peaberry remarkable in its acidity, it also contains, next to the well know SL28 & 34, a part of Batian; a new upcoming variety for Kenya and for the first time ever at Caffenation.

The Tambaya factory is located in the famous region of Nyeri.

About 80% of all coffee production in Nyeri is produced on smallholder farms, who deliver their cherries to centralized wet mills for processing. This specific lot was grown on the fertile, volcanic soils west of Mount Kenya, on the slopes of the Aberdare ridge. Cherries were pulped, fermented and sun-dried at the Tambaya wet mill in Mukurwe-ini. The 907 member farmers grow their cherries on really small plots of land, with an average of 250 coffee trees.