Costa Rica Angostura Fully Washed

Caramel – Apple – Lime acidity – Body

La Angostura coffee is produced in the Los Manzanos beneficio operated for three generations by the Jiménez Chacón family.

The farm is located 1600 meters above sea-level in the narrow strip of land called La Angostura between the towns of Frailes and San Pedro de Tarrazu, the Los Manzanos estate is a microlot six hectare farm maintained with an environmentally friendly processes. The coffee trees are seeded with Caturra and Catuaí varieties and are shade grown amongst trees – some of which are fruit-bearing. The cherries are processed soon after being picked in the wet mill located on the estate.

After that is where CoopeTarrazu comes in.
Microlots in co-ops can be controversial, but CoopeTarrazu has made a commitment to improve the lives of its members and offer them the opportunity of gaining higher quality premiums for their best coffees.