Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Zapotal

Clean Cup – Brilliant After taste – Sweet – Peanuts and honey

This new-crop micro-lot arrival is a Tarrazu coffee, produced by the Zapotal Community, a group of 81 low-income Costa Rican coffee producer families, coming together in the CoopeTarrazu Coop.

The Coopetarrazu program has made a real impact on the communities that deliver cherry to this mill. This programme has allowed our trader to separate out lots that score over 86 points and pay a quality premium that the individual communities get to receive. This money will be used to improve their coffee production and their livelihood. The programme has motivated them to keep upping their quality, and we are very excited to see that this year’s harvest has been very impressive.

This coffee is named after the region some of these producers are farming.

For us at Caffenation, Costa Rica is our favourite Central American country for filter coffees. It’s very often a bright and well balanced coffee with enough acidity to keep things interesting till the last drop in the cup.

For espresso we adjust the roasting style to control acidity and improve creaminess.