Guatemala Santa Rosa Finca Los Izotes

Low acidity with a touch of Almond – Creamy – Clean

This is an exclusive lot from the Los Izotes farm, located in the Santa Rosa region, nearby Antigua.

The variety is a mix of Bourbon and Caturra.

Los Izotes has been in the Aguirre family for four generations; José Luis Castillo Aguirre inherited the finca from his father, who in his days inherited it from his father. The name Los Izotes refers to the tree, which is the Mesoamerican cousin of the yucca tree, growing all across the farm. Coffee on the farm is shade-grown under a canopy of inga and oak trees. Growing coffee under shade has a number of benefits: the cherries are under less stress and have more time to slowly develop complex acids, to name two. The farm lies at an altitude of 1500m in the mountains surrounding the Ayarza volcanic crater lake. Even though the eruption took place 20000 years ago, in earth years the volcanic soil is still pretty young and rich in nutrients, while at the same time having ideal draining characteristics.