Guatemala Huehuetenango Special Reserve lot #2

This Special Reserve lot is made up of microlots from smallholder farms in the highlands of Santa Barbara and Santiago in the Cuchumatanes mountain range in Huehuetenango. Varieties in the selection are Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon, all fully washed.

Mostly we are used to buy single estate lots, but some times you end up at a blind cupping where a coffee lot like this takes you buy surprize.

This is such a well balanced and clean coffee, and with such an amazing body and mouthfeel, we decided to buy in big and see it as our major bean for the summer months.

After a couple of dissapointing years, we think the 2015 crop is the best this country ever had.

The Huehuetenango department shares a border with Mexico, and is transected by the Pan- American Highway. Coffee produced in the Huehuetenango highland region sets itself apart from the typical Guatemalan taste profile thanks to the non-volcanic limestone soil of the Cuchumatanes Mountains.