Kenya Muranga Gitura AA

This is a coffee that jumped out of the Kenya cupping session August 1st. All cuppers directly agreed on the Gitura, so we bought in big on this one.

Gitura is a sweet, bodied Kenya coffee, fruit-laden and with well integrated acidity. The dry fragrance has a dense smell of cooked fruits, peach and apple, maybe a note of papaya too. A spiced sweetness – clove and all spice – that turns more tropical towards a Full City roast.

The Washing Station Gitura is part of the Iyego Cooperative, located in Kangema town, Murang’a. Gitura has been in operation since 1981, and local farmers deliver ripe cherry to the factory where the coffee is processed.

Of course this is a fully washed coffee. The Variety is Kent with SL-28. I guess it’s the first time we buy a Kent Kenya. What a surprize!