Nicaragua Finca San Jose by Mierisch, Red Catuai

Very mild cup, light body, clean, peach

Dr. Mierisch owns seven farms total, and Finca San Jose was the lastest purchase in the Nicaragua region of Jinotega. Purchased in 2003, this farm was a testament to their commitment as it was by the beautiful Lake Apanas but was acquired in a tough financial situation for the Mierisches. As Dr. Mierisch stated while we visited him this year, “This is a paradise among coffee farms.Perhaps I will build a small house and retire here, overlooking the coffee plants and Lake Apanas in the background. Sounds like a dream come true.

The farm in divided in plantios, sections that are easily manageable and easy to track as the coffee is harvested every day. Every sack of coffee cherries is documented with the area of the farm and the workers’ names. This is the simplest but most powerful way to track quality and to also track for yield purposes. Producers need to know what each plot is able to yield, and how many passes (times to pick the cherries at their ripest point) it takes to clear a specific plant.This helps them plan ahead for the next year and ensures that they are only picking the ripest cherries with every pass.

The variety of this lot is Red Catuai.